As a responsible operator, Oil Search is committed to understanding and minimising any negative impacts the Company’s activities may have on employees and contractor staff, local community members and the environment, while also identifying and maximising efficient business operations. These commitments are outlined in the Company Health, Safety, Environment and Security Policy.

To ensure staff and contractors are safe and secure, Oil Search operates with the goal of incident-free operation by maintaining the integrity of operational assets, being prepared for emergencies, and investing in a comprehensive safety management strategy and infrastructure.

In the area of managing potentially negative environmental and social impacts on the wider community and local environment, Oil Search takes a precautionary approach. This involves regular engagement with communities on how our operations may affect them and ensuring their land, culture, prosperity and rights are protected.


Oil Search’s oil and gas production operations in PNG take place in some of the most remote and environmentally sensitive regions in the world. Extracting and processing hydrocarbons can pose a risk to the natural environment, and Oil Search’s facilities and management system are designed to manage these risks to the lowest level reasonably possible.

All Oil Search’s exploration and production activities must meet the environmental requirements outlined in permits or legislation, or the Company’s environmental performance requirements. The Company’s drilling, production, processing, refining and export activities in PNG operate under an environmental management system that is certified as ISO 14001 compliant.

Health and Safety

Oil Search respects the life and wellbeing of employees, contractors and communities and safety is the primary consideration in everything the Company does. Our goal is to create a carefully controlled work environment where equipment is well maintained, work procedures ensure safe operations and staff are well trained.

The goal of our safety management strategy is to have the right systems and processes in place to keep employees and contractors safe at all times. This includes being prepared for emergencies and crises, and protecting the security of staff and operations across the business.

Climate Change

Oil Search acknowledges climate change is an important issue to the PNG Government, the responsible investment community and many national and international stakeholders. The company expects controls aimed at reducing the volume of greenhouse gases emitted will be introduced in the future in PNG. The impact of regulatory change is currently being considered in the evaluation and development of a new Climate Change Strategy. Oil Search’s climate change approach and performance is overseen by the HSS Committee.


Oil Search’s presence has the potential to have a significant impact on the day-to-day lives of host communities and having the trust and support of local stakeholders underpins the success of the Company.

The stability of the local operating environment depends on how our employees and contractors interact and engage with local communities, and on how we contribute to inclusive sustainable development.

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