2015 presented Oil Search with the challenge of how to continue the Company’s strategic growth path while operating within a lower oil and gas price environment. The year’s people and organisation focus was therefore on ensuring Oil Search was positioned to remain viable and sustainable, both now and long term. A comprehensive review recommended several people-focused efficiency measures, including a restructure. These have better aligned the Company with our vision, strategy and current operating environment.

To increase the number of PNG nationals in leadership roles, in the field and in Port Moresby, work began on a Citizen Development Programme (CDP). A dedicated General Manager will be hired in 2016.

During 2015 Oil Search strengthened the Company’s commitment to tackling gender-based violence and empowering women in the workforce and the community, particularly in PNG. A new position was created to lead the new strategy.

Performance Chart – People & Organisation

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Progressing Against Oil Search's Diversity and Inclusion Goals

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