Oil Search’s commitment to operating responsibly was evident across the business in 2015. There was steady progress in key focus areas, new approaches were applied and the Company responded quickly to community crises.

There were no Lost Time Injuries, particularly notable considering the volume of changes to the workforce that occurred in the second half of the year. Overall safety performance improved slightly year on year.

Planning began on Oil Search’s new Climate Change Strategy, with initial actions focused on building Company understanding of the key issues and reaching agreement on an appropriate scope.

The year presented a major environmental and community crisis in the form of widespread drought in PNG; Oil Search cooperated with governments and affected communities in an extensive disaster relief operation.

Cooperation was also key when, for the first time, the Company had to temporarily relocate a small host community. This resulted in the successful application of our new resettlement procedure.

Performance Chart – Responsible Operator

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2015 By The Numbers

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